2AeM is a cooperative design effort composed of the 3 young Midwestern-sprung, spread-the world-out, out-and-out Architecture student-architects: nicholas m. reiter, Jessie Wilcox and Peter Nguyen. The team base was originally Milwaukee, WI but since has become a mobile abstraction or a state of mind. 2AeM is sometimes physical, sometimes sober, partially virtual, usually vocal, and all-the-time IN-it.

We are track jumpers, demons, villains and observing you right now. Design is the New and so are the Stakes.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

'wild urbanism' at zaryadye park

congrats to the all those at DS+R and their winning proposal for zaryadye park in Russia!

This super cool concept, of 'wild urbanism' plays well within the city.  Bringing various landscape typologies together and allowing users to wanders is quite perfectly positioned, especially within the urban city center - where our paths are quite often, dictated for us.

beautiful images (as always) and a clever film clip help sell the idea.  architecture holding hands with 'nature' - well played.