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We are track jumpers, demons, villains and observing you right now. Design is the New and so are the Stakes.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

bolton historical museum addition

so, two super talented graduates of GSAPP recently secured a commision (or at least presented their proposal to the community board) for an expansion to the bolton historical museum up north... 
check out the full article on the mirror: lake george magazine

"the story is ongoing"

rueben caldwell and leigh salem (two guys i really looked up to while they were here.) started tack design (out of brooklyn) and along with their one legged chair and have found some early successes.

the simple design is elegant and powerful.  full of architectural allusions.  fitting of its surrounding context while remaining proud in its own design language.

my favorite, "we use elements in such a way that people can look at the building from multiple reference points, including barns, ice houses and the commercial buildings of main street, as well as boat houses," said caldwell. "the building should communicate something meaningful to a broad range of backgrounds."

in the words of beck hansen, "hell yes!"

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